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Beware of Scams Targeting Newcomers to Canada


Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay After speaking to one of our mentors, I thought it would be useful to write about common scams going on in Canada. In particular, several scams are targeting newcomers who are looking for their first job. Please be careful when applying to jobs and interacting with different people you meet online! Here's a message I received recently. Read it carefully and think: would I apply to this job? From: Helena M. Subject: HR Representative Job Greetings! We reviewed your resume. You are an excellent candidate for our position. If you are [...]

Beware of Scams Targeting Newcomers to Canada2020-01-01T12:52:06-05:00

Should I Get a Survival Job?


You've been in Canada for a few months now. You have a place to live and have become accustomed to your surroundings. However, the work picture for your profession looks bleak. You've applied to many jobs in your field, took some courses, did some networking, and perhaps had a few interviews, but nothing has materialized as a temporary or full-time employment. The bills keep coming, and your savings are decreasing faster than you had thought... so now you're faced with the decision of whether or not you should take a survival job to make ends meet until an opportunity in [...]

Should I Get a Survival Job?2019-12-17T23:35:32-05:00

Newcomer to Canada? Here’s some advice for you – PART 2


In PART 1 we described some basic aspects of getting acquainted with the Canadian culture and job market. In this portion we'll dig a little deeper on different things you can do to get a job in Canada. There's no magic formula, but these actions will definitely help! General advice on job hunting Recognize that looking for a job takes a lot of hard work... looking for a job is a full-time job. It takes time and therefore patience. Develop a clear idea of what your dream job is and what you really want to achieve professionally. What are your [...]

Newcomer to Canada? Here’s some advice for you – PART 22019-12-24T15:32:52-05:00

May the Force Be with You: UnstoppableMe’s Fourth Anniversary!


On May 4th, 2019, UnstoppableMe celebrated its 4th Anniversary It was a great opportunity to recognize all the amazing work we do together to help newcomers and immigrants succeed. Before starting, some slides with testimonials were shown: Shalini K., content editor and English language instructor: I got in touch with UnstoppableMe while I was still in India and was getting ready to migrate to Canada. I thank them for giving me loads of useful information to help me get a clear picture of what lay ahead. Kunal M., strategy & management consultant: I am thankful to UnstoppableMe, Liliana, Jane and [...]

May the Force Be with You: UnstoppableMe’s Fourth Anniversary!2019-12-14T11:49:47-05:00

Mentoring Session with TD Bank Volunteers


On April 15, we hosted a special mentoring session and panel discussion with four representatives from the Human Resources department of TD Bank. Approximately 30 newcomers to Canada interested in the financial sector attended this two-hour event, held at Metro Hall in Downtown Toronto. At the end we gave a small token of appreciation to the four volunteers from TD. Thank you CarrieAnn from the Global Benefits department for all your help on the TD side in making this possible! THANK YOU also to our volunteers who made this a great success! Arcelia Camacho, Project Manager Madara Balode, [...]

Mentoring Session with TD Bank Volunteers2019-12-15T23:09:01-05:00

Newcomer to Canada? Here’s some advice for you – PART 1


This text was originally written by an immigrant from India. We adapted it to include views for anyone preparing to come to Canada in the next few months, or who has recently landed. Please note that the advice is mainly for people who come to English-speaking provinces, especially when we talk about Language and Communication. As you know, both English and French are official languages, so Canada has two distinct societies, the English-speaking and the French-speaking. French Canadians, and especially the Québécois (citizens of Quebec) have a very strong sense of cultural identity. On the other hand, the English-speaking Canada [...]

Newcomer to Canada? Here’s some advice for you – PART 12019-12-09T22:29:06-05:00

Spring-Summer Activities 2018


Finally the warm weather is here to stay, so we thought of organizing activities to get out of the house! When landing in a new country it's hard to develop new relationships and most people don't know where to start. Even if you have been living in Canada for quite some time, or all your life, it's always refreshing to meet new people. Your personal network is not just the people you meet through work, but also the people with whom you interact in casual settings. We would like to help this process by offering some informal activities that are [...]

Spring-Summer Activities 20182019-12-09T22:49:13-05:00

UnstoppableMe celebrated its 3-year Anniversary!


On May 12 we celebrated our first 3 years by hosting a big networking event in Toronto. The event started with a presentation by the Founder of UnstoppableMe, Miguel Abascal, and Liliana Nakamura, the President. They spoke about its humble beginnings in April 2015 as a networking/mentoring activity, and how the organization grew exponentially each year. Our great volunteers who contributed from February 2017 to April 2018 received a coffee mug with the UnstoppableMe logo. We chose coffee mugs because meeting over a coffee symbolizes connecting and building win-win relationships. Later on, there was a networking bingo, some [...]

UnstoppableMe celebrated its 3-year Anniversary!2019-12-09T22:49:30-05:00

The Unstoppable People Project


In November 2017, was awarded the Multicultural Community Capacity Grant by the Government of Ontario. This was a huge accomplishment, given that we did not have much experience in grant writing. Everything was impossible until someone did it! The funds from the government were used to produce 40+ videos over a period of 4 months, covering topics of interest for newcomers to Canada such as networking, mentoring, success factors for immigrants in the Canadian job market, the value of volunteering, etc. We invited subject matter experts and community leaders who inspire, help and support immigrant professionals on [...]

The Unstoppable People Project2019-12-08T19:14:50-05:00

Whatever your feelings may be, go help someone


The founder of UnstoppableMe, Miguel Abascal, once said: If you feel depressed, go help someone and it’ll go away. If you feel happy, go help someone and it’ll multiply. If you feel failure, go help someone and you’ll discover many treasures. If you feel successful, go help someone and you’ll find significance. If you feel you don’t have anything to offer, go help someone and you’ll find in that one ‘Thank You’ how something so small can change a person’s life. When I read this quote for the first time I wondered, how can I go help someone when [...]

Whatever your feelings may be, go help someone2019-12-08T15:06:13-05:00
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