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Who can be an UnstoppableMe Member?2023-04-23T22:25:04-04:00
We support internationally-trained professionals in Canada or approved to come legally to Canada to study and/or work. Whether you’re a newcomer, soon-to-land immigrant or an established professional in Canada, we can support you in a variety of ways when you join as a member. We do not distinguish whether you are a Permanent Resident, Convention Refugee, Work/Study Permit holder, Family Class, or a Canadian citizen. Basically anyone who has a profession, has legal status in Canada and wants to succeed in their career can join us
Why should I join UnstoppableMe?2023-04-23T22:26:19-04:00
UnstoppableMe is a non-profit organization that supports professionals from diverse backgrounds in their journey in Canada. We provide opportunities to connect with other professionals, learn from each other, get involved in mentoring programs, and gain valuable career information to achieve your goals. As a member, you’ll receive email communications announcing our activities and other important news that will benefit you as a professional. You can also choose to be part of our Private Facebook Group to share information, ask questions related to working in Canada, and be encouraged by other members.  Numerous members of UnstoppableMe have achieved success since 2015, and we want to make a positive impact on many more people, including you! Join us
Where is your office?2019-12-14T17:27:25-05:00
We do not have a physical office. Our leaders and volunteers work virtually most of the time and get together in face-to-face meetings as needed.
What’s your phone number?2019-12-14T17:27:15-05:00
Since we don’t have a physical office, we don’t have a fixed phone number. When you join as a member or volunteer, you provide us with your contact information. Then, one of our volunteers will contact you via email, phone or WhatsApp. Most of our work is done virtually using various collaboration tools; that’s why we don’t really need a single phone number.
Will you give me a job?2019-12-14T17:27:06-05:00
Our organization is built and sustained by volunteers only. We exist to help professionals achieve their goals in Canada; however, we do not give jobs to people. We provide people with the tools, activities, support and networks that may lead to getting a job. For example, by volunteering, you can build skills/experience as well as a network. Or when you do our Mentoring Program, your mentor will guide your job search efforts. These factors will likely help in accelerating your process of getting a job.
What’s the difference between a Member and a Volunteer?2019-12-14T17:26:24-05:00
MEMBER: If your goal is to participate in our Programs for newcomers and create a plan to develop your career in Canada, you can join UnstoppableMe as a Member. You’ll receive our regular communications and take part in our awesome community of professionals. VOLUNTEER: If your goal is to be involved in a community to help others, offer your talents and share your expertise, Volunteering is your path! You will bring new ideas, meet other volunteers, and work with us so that our organization can achieve its Vision.
What volunteer roles are available?2019-12-14T21:41:04-05:00
Check the Volunteer Opportunities page to learn about the open positions. Sometimes we have other roles that are not published, and this depends on the activities going on at the time you join. Please also check the NOW page, which lists all the current activities. We're open to hearing your ideas on how you can help us!
As a Volunteer, do I need to be physically present at all times?2019-12-14T21:33:15-05:00
We don’t have a physical office and most of our work can be done via email or phone. However, the Volunteer Manager may conduct a face-to-face or video interview after you contact us, to get to know you and see how our positions match your career goals.
How many hours do I need to dedicate as a Volunteer?2019-12-14T21:30:59-05:00
In general, it would be anywhere from 2 to 10 hours per week. The time commitment depends on the role we assign you. Some of our events are “one-offs” such as workshops, and some projects have a temporary duration (one to six months). Other roles are long term, for example, the social media team posts content every week. We encourage you to first think what skills and experience you want to contribute, and discuss the options with the Volunteer Manager.
I’ll move to Canada in a few months. Can I volunteer from abroad?2019-12-14T21:27:51-05:00
Yes you can! While the tasks may be limited, we do have opportunities to work virtually, e.g. in the social media team. If you send us an inquiry via email (hi@unstoppableme.rocks) and attach your resume, one of us will reach out to you to explain the options.
Are there rules or guidelines to be a Volunteer?2019-12-14T21:29:40-05:00
The main rule we have is “bring your best self, be willing to try new things, and communicate proactively with the team!” Only in cases your work requires to access personal information of other members or volunteers, you’ll be asked to sign a Confidentiality Agreement.
Do I need to be a PR, refugee or Canadian citizen to get involved?2019-12-15T11:54:34-05:00
We are a non-profit community of professionals who believe in Paying It Forward. Our programs, volunteering opportunities, and membership are not restricted to Permanent Residents, Convention Refugees or Canadian citizens. You could join us having a Work Permit or Student Permit, or from abroad if you are currently waiting for your visa to get approved.
Do you give immigration advice or sponsor visas for Canada?2020-01-01T09:32:23-05:00
No, we do not provide support regarding immigration or any type of sponsorship. Our organization is dedicated to accelerate the integration and career advancement of professionals in Canada. The best way to learn about immigration is by referring to the Canadian Government's official website.
When I subscribe to the mailing list, will I become a member automatically?2023-04-23T22:25:11-04:00
No, if you subscribe to our mailing list, you will receive our monthly newsletters only. To become a member, please go HERE. Being a member gives you access to a lot more benefits than just a subscriber.
How can I be added to your mailing list?2020-01-01T10:36:06-05:00
UnstoppableMe sends out a monthly newsletter within the first 10 days of each month. As soon as your membership application is processed, you will receive a confirmation email, and your email address is automatically added to our mailing list.  If you are not receiving the newsletter, please verify your spam filters and add the domain @unstoppableme.rocks to your safe-senders list. Please note that we cannot add non-members manually to our mailing list.

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