The concept of ‘No Canadian experience’ is a myth perpetuated by those who know you will admit it and then walk away. The next time you hear such a statement, counter that notion with solid reasons why employers could benefit from the diverse skills and talents you have as well the value of your international experience.

This webinar helps you identify strategies to overcome your lack of Canadian experience. It focuses on the value you will bring to employers and why your international experience is a competitive advantage. It offers insights on how to refocus your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn Profile to maximize your assets and minimize your liabilities. It also discusses the importance of an elevator speech in communicating who you are and what you do.

In this webinar you learn about:

• The real meaning of the term ‘No Canadian Experience’ and how to reframe the conversation around your competencies, capabilities, and potential.
• Techniques to overcome some of the barriers associated with your lack of Canadian experience.
• Strategies to leverage your international experience by highlighting stories of your accomplishments on your resume and cover letter.
• Why LinkedIn is an extension of your resume and the ideal place to engage in conversations, build credibility, gain visibility and attract the attention of employers, hiring managers and recruiters.
• How to develop a script for an elevator speech.

Daisy Wright
Author, “No Canadian Experience, Eh?” and Career Coach, The Wright Career Solution

Liliana Nakamura
HR Project Manager and President, UnstoppableMe

Host & Moderator:
Gerard Keledjian, New Canadians TV

You can watch it here:

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