When the lockdown due to COVID-19 started, our partners at NewCanadiansTV started organizing live webinars in a series called Café New Canadians.

The idea is to broadcast virtual chats packed with expert tips, information, and resources on how to best utilize your time at home. Guest speakers are subject matter experts and successful immigrants with inspiring stories who have lots to share – from boosting productivity when working from home to upskilling for that dream job, acing video interviews to virtual networking 101, and exploring Canada as a newcomer while staying indoors.

The Founder of UnstoppableMe, Miguel Abascal, and the current President, Liliana Nakamura, were invited to give their insights and experiences.

Streamed on April 15, 2020

COVID-19 or not, the Job Search goes on!

Searching for jobs can be tricky, given that there are so many factors that decide whether or not one would find success, especially newcomers and aspiring immigrants in Canada who might still be figuring things out here.

Shruti Dargan moderated a panel discussion with Garry Donaghy, Liliana Nakamura, Daisy Wright and Mert Oz to know the best practices to keep that employment search active and effective in these times, and hopefully land a job. Expect a success story, job search tips, and motivation aplenty.

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You can watch it here:

Streamed on June 3, 2020:

Immigrants’ Journey to Success: We Speak to the Hispanic Community

Newcomers to Canada often have dreams and expectations of what life would be like after immigrating here. For some, these expectations meet the reality on the ground. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case for many others. Nevertheless, every story is unique.

Three Hispanic immigrants were invited to this webinar: Miguel Abascal originally from Mexico, Maria Sol Cano from Ecuador, and Evelyn Rodriguez from Peru. They talk about life in Canada – their experiences, the challenges they overcame to achieve success and just how they’re facilitating solutions for others in the community, and beyond.

You can watch it here:

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