Newcomer to Canada? Here’s some advice for you – PART 2


In PART 1 we described some basic aspects of getting acquainted with the Canadian culture and job market. In this portion we'll dig a little deeper on different things you can do to get a job in Canada. There's no magic formula, but these actions will definitely help! General advice on job hunting Recognize that looking for a job takes a lot of hard work... looking for a job is a full-time job. It takes time and therefore patience. Develop a clear idea of what your dream job is and what you really want to achieve professionally. What are your [...]

Newcomer to Canada? Here’s some advice for you – PART 22019-12-24T15:32:52-05:00

5 Tips for Writing a Winning LinkedIn Summary


Many people ask us about LinkedIn summaries – how to write one, what to include, how to make it appealing… There’s no magic formula for success but we thought of providing some tips or hints that you can use to make your summary stand out. READABLE First and foremost, it should be easy to read. This means: plain language, short sentences, and to the point. You can include sections with titles in capital letters as well as paragraphs separated by white spaces. IMPACTFUL The first paragraph should have some attention-grabbing statement that encourages the reader to keep [...]

5 Tips for Writing a Winning LinkedIn Summary2019-12-08T11:49:27-05:00
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