Project Details

  • Lead 1 Group Mentoring Program cycle which is 2-3 months long, investing around 1 hour per week
  • We do 4 cycles of group mentoring per year
  • We provide training for mentors, best practices on how to be a great mentor
  • We also provide an intro session to mentees to help align their expectations of the group mentoring program
  • Time and time again Mentors and Mentees have incredible success stories, from cultivating strong relationships to helping find their dream job and career
  • The ripple effects of Mentoring are unstoppable as we have seen several times where a mentee becomes a mentor due to the great example of their previous mentor

The Right Volunteer

  • Proven experience as a program coordinator/project manager or relevant position
  • Knowledge of program/project management
  • Knowledge of budgeting, bookkeeping, and reporting
  • Tech-savvy, proficient in MS Office
  • Ability to work with diverse and multi-disciplinary teams
  • Excellent time-management and organizational skills
  • Outstanding verbal and written communication skills and ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing
  • Detail-oriented and efficient
  • Demonstrated ability to establish effective and cooperative working relationships built on trust
  • Comfortable making decisions independently
  • Ability to manage a wide range of relationships with a variety of stakeholders
  • Support planning and coordination of the Group Mentoring program and its activities
  • Ensure the implementation of UnstoppableMe policies and practices (e.g. Privacy Policy, Code of Conduct, etc.)
  • Maintain budget and track expenditures/transactions
  • Coordinate communications with the social media team
  • Help build positive relations within the team and external parties
  • Schedule and organize meetings/events and maintain agenda
  • Ensure technology is used correctly for all operations (video conferencing, presentations, etc.)
  • Prepare meetings material in advance
  • Keep updated records and create reports
  • Follow up with Mentors and Mentees to understand their experience in the program and collect feedback
  • Support growth and program development based on continuous improvement
  • Meeting virtually
  • Could work remotely from anywhere
  • Flexible hours around 1-hour per week
  • See the Group Mentoring Program page for details

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Project Plan

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How to Apply?


Everybody is welcome to join our community of amazing volunteers.

If you’re interested in helping others then is for you.

Volunteering transforms lives, not only the ones we help but also ourselves.

We have discovered 4 key benefits of volunteering at

  1. Helps you connect with others:  You meet like-minded and amazing people. You can start or continue building your network in Canada.
  2. It’s good for your mind and body: There is nothing better for mental health than helping others. In addition to that, you will learn new skills, learn about Canadian culture. Volunteers attend our workshops & events for free.
  3. It can advance your career: We have seen a lot of times our volunteers getting promoted faster, it makes sense, if you are practicing the skills of your next role it’s easier to explain in the interviews with real examples how you are doing it. Besides we are always happy to provide references and share your successes with us on LinkedIn.Also if you are new to Canada, it is a great way to acquire Canadian experience.
  4. It is fun and brings significance to your life: Helping people is not only fun but also recharges your soul. Using your wonderful skills to serve others is the key to success and significance.

You can volunteer completely online and it doesn’t matter if you are in Canada or in another country. 


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