Unstoppable Miguel Abascal

Miguel was born in Mexico and decided to migrate to Canada in 2010, little he knew that this decision was going to be the most challenging and fruitful of his life. More about his story here: From coffee company CEO to coffee server – one newcomer’s journey

Miguel founded UnstoppableMe.rocks in April 2015 with one goal in his mind. To Abolish Underemployment and Accelerate professional success.

It took Miguel almost 5 years to land a job that matched his skills and experience. During that time he was working in survival jobs and significantly underemployed.

Underemployment robs everyone

It robs you from getting a better paycheque. With a better paycheque, you pay more taxes, therefore underemployment robs the government and our communities. With a better paycheque you buy more things, save and invest, therefore underemployment robs our economy and our future.

UnstoppableMe is a community of incredible people with a vision to enrich Canada by accelerating professional success. We are a volunteer-based organization that was founded by newcomers for newcomers. We help immigrant professionals find their dream job faster and build a career in Canada through networking, mentorship, and support.

Miguel is a passionate and award winner leader, change agent, and revenue generator who thinks strategically. His areas of focus include product innovation, P&L management, channel optimization, business management & transformation, and large-scale program execution.

Miguel loves to solve business and social puzzles, thrives on ambiguity/challenges, and has a very strong bias for action and speed that leads to real change and transformation. With over 6 years of experience in Product Management and 8+ years as a Project Manager, Miguel is a confident and transparent communicator who drives executive decision making and stakeholder consensus to move the business forward. Miguel is known for his relentless pursuit of excellence, out of the box thinking, agile, can-do attitude, and being a man of principles. As a result, he received the TD vision in Action award and Volunteer Toronto Legacy Award.

Talent empowerment is his passion. Outside the office, he established a volunteer-based organization called UnstoppableMe.rocks to Abolish Underemployment and Accelerate professional success. 

When not at work, he is in nature. Hiking is his go-to activity, anything from simple walks down the lakeshore to more complex like getting to the top of Kilimanjaro makes him happy. People say that he is a renascence man because of his diverse list of hobbies, interests, hunger for knowledge, and ease to quickly go deep into conversations. He could talk for hours about philosophy, archery, coffee quality, and what is his most recent learning/adventure with his beehives.

Core Expertise: Thought Leadership, Strategic Planning, Product and P&L Management, Transformation & Change Management, Cross-functional Collaboration, Impact and Influence, Financial Modelling & Advanced Analytics, Process Optimization,

Banking Experience: Retail and Wealth Savings Product, Canadian Banking Project Delivery, Retail Branch 


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