Unstoppable Maria Sol Cano

Sol Cano is an International Business professional living currently in Toronto. Originally from South America, she has had the opportunity to work in South and North America, as well as in Europe. An avid traveler and curious about other cultures; always interested in learning alternative ways to do and achieve things. Sol is a natural connector and has loved her experience mentoring through UnstoppableMe for the last four years.

Maria Sol Cano is an International Trade and Business Development professional with over 10 years of experience in the private and public sectors. Multilingual (English, Spanish, French) and results-driven, she has had the opportunity to work in South and North America, as well as in Europe.

Maria Sol is a natural promoter of economic development, passionate about international trade, launching commercial strategies, and the search for business opportunities. She has worked extensively in the economic development field in Canada and abroad for the last 15 years. After working as a Trade Officer and being part of the Diplomatic team at the Ecuadorian Embassy in Paris, Sol has developed a high sense of cultural awareness, knowledge of protocol, and intelligence of the territory. She has experience bringing together and managing business delegations in various economic sectors, organizing, and delivering trade missions, inbound, and outbound. Living and working on three different continents has provided her with organizational and leadership skills, knowledge of global markets, and professional versatility that would benefit any Economic or Business Development roles.


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