The art of career progression

At this stage, you have settled and have been exposed to what is Canada. You have not only assimilated the culture of the company or companies you have worked for but also you ‘understand more’ about your new country.

Now that things are relatively more stable, you will be able to focus more on career progression. 

The three things you need to work on:

  • Career Plan (This document includes your SWOT analysis, personal brand, non-negotiables,  your own definition of success, company or companies, and positions you are interested in, who are the key players, a clear understanding of how those companies hire, and many more things) 
  • Strong Network of Sponsors/Ambassadors 
  • A clear Strategy

How many mentors you have?

We have discovered that the more mentors you have the better. Consider also mentoring people and share with them your learnings and insights.

By having a mentor or many mentors and also mentoring others you untap learnings faster about yourself. We have witnessed countless times where mentors learned more about their mentees than what they feel they were able to share. 

At UnstoppableMe we run four times per year our signature Group Mentoring program. Mentors receive orientation and support. If interested please register to get more information and the dates for our next group mentoring cohort.

Do you feel there is an invisible barrier?

Many people have shared with us about the ‘unspoken rules’ and ‘invisible barriers’ to get to the next level.

There is a program called Business Edge delivered by the Intercultural Skills Lab at Rotman Business School of the University of Toronto. Many of our members have taken this program and all of them not only speak highly about it but also have tangible results. If you meet the requirements of the program we strongly recommend you to take this program.

Would you add anything to this list? Please let us know!

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