Unstoppable Gretchen Mangahas

As an Internationally Educated Professional, Gretchen was unfazed by the challenges of building anew a career as a Communication Specialist in Canada when she decided to move here in 2019 to reunite with her family.

Gretchen believes in the power of learning when lived experiences are shared with others and because of this, she immediately connected with immigrant-serving organizations where she found UnstoppableMe. She participated in the March 2020 cohort of the Group Mentoring Program where she was guided by long-time UnstoppableMe mentor Arcelia Camacho.

As a former educator of Development Communication in the Philippines, and with her desire to support others in need, Gretchen volunteered as a member of the Social Media Team of UnstoppableMe after her mentoring program. According to Gretchen, as a volunteer, she learned the value of professional networking and collaborating with others with different backgrounds. She added that she learned new skills in content creation, as well as the use of content management applications. As a volunteer, Gretchen designed flyers and helped manage the social media calendar for UnstoppableMe.

“Volunteering is always an exciting opportunity to learn new skills, meet new people, understand Canadian culture and to be of service to others. UnstoppableMe has opened many doors for me in my journey as a newcomer. I highly recommend that others consider volunteering as a path to integrating into the Canadian community.”

I am a proactive Communications Specialist with 8+ years of experience as an educator and have an extensive background as a consultant for the development sector. I am highly engaged in non-profit work and efficient in organizing complex projects with multiple stakeholders using team collaboration to achieve overall goals.

With a Doctorate degree in Communication specializing in Intercultural Communication and Development, I bring diversity and inclusion in drafting and implementing internal and external communication plans. I design digital content, implement social media and fundraising campaigns, and work with stakeholders through partnerships. I also have professional experience in research, writing, editing, and in packaging technical information using innovation and creativity to produce communication materials suitable for the intended audience.

Core competencies
• Extensive knowledge and experience in education, communication, and development work
• Highly organized and committed in project implementation
• Excellent proficiency in information processing and packaging


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