Why the change in membership scheme and messaging systems?


UnstoppableMe has been growing and evolving constantly since its foundation in 2015. To ensure continuity as a self-sustainable organization, the leadership team has decided to launch this 3-tier membership scheme in January 2020. The messaging system will continue to be used for quick communications, job postings, motivational quotes, and general discussions about our journey in Canada. The change from WhatsApp to Telegram was decided because of its better features and capabilities to administer membership and messaging.

Why the change in membership scheme and messaging systems?2020-01-01T10:48:28-05:00

Why should I join UnstoppableMe?


UnstoppableMe is a non-profit organization that supports professionals from diverse backgrounds in their journey in Canada. We provide opportunities to connect with other professionals, learn from each other, get involved in mentoring programs, and gain valuable career information to achieve your goals. As a member, you’ll receive email communications announcing our activities and other important news that will benefit you as a professional. You can also choose to be part of our Telegram group to share information, ask questions related to working in Canada, and be encouraged by other members. We also have Slack Groups for paid members who can access [...]

Why should I join UnstoppableMe?2020-01-01T10:52:21-05:00

Do you give immigration advice or sponsor visas for Canada?


No, we do not provide support regarding immigration or any type of sponsorship. Our organization is dedicated to accelerate the integration and career advancement of professionals in Canada. The best way to learn about immigration is by referring to the Canadian Government's official website.

Do you give immigration advice or sponsor visas for Canada?2020-01-01T09:32:23-05:00

Do I need to be a PR, refugee or Canadian citizen to get involved?


We are a non-profit community of professionals who believe in Paying It Forward. Our programs, volunteering opportunities, and membership are not restricted to Permanent Residents, Convention Refugees or Canadian citizens. You could join us having a Work Permit or Student Permit, or from abroad if you are currently waiting for your visa to get approved.

Do I need to be a PR, refugee or Canadian citizen to get involved?2019-12-15T11:54:34-05:00

Will you give me a job?


Our organization is built and sustained by volunteers only. We exist to help professionals achieve their goals in Canada; however, we do not give jobs to people. We provide people with the tools, activities, support and networks that may lead to getting a job. For example, by volunteering, you can build skills/experience as well as a network. Or when you do our Mentoring Program, your mentor will guide your job search efforts. These factors will likely help in accelerating your process of getting a job.

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What’s your phone number?


Since we don’t have a physical office, we don’t have a fixed phone number. When you join as a member or volunteer, you provide us with your contact information. Then, one of our volunteers will contact you via email, phone or WhatsApp. Most of our work is done virtually using various collaboration tools; that’s why we don’t really need a single phone number.

What’s your phone number?2019-12-14T17:27:15-05:00

Where is your office?


We do not have a physical office. Our leaders and volunteers work virtually most of the time and get together in face-to-face meetings as needed.

Where is your office?2019-12-14T17:27:25-05:00
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