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Arun Joseph is an experienced design researcher and design thinking facilitator. He helps his clients and teams identify new unmet customer needs and ways to improve the customer experience of digital products and services.

His research experience has helped diverse clients in industries such as mainframes, healthcare, travel, logistics, employee experience, etc. in different geographies.

Arun’s Blog: He writes a blog focusing on thoughts and experiences on services and design from a customer perspective

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An introvert by nature, he could be easily mistaken for a silent person. However, introversion takes a back seat when it comes to networking and building relationships.

Currently, as the design research lead with a global enterprise company, his day job is to uncover customers’ needs and motivations for a specific set of software products running on mainframes. With his natural ability to ask questions and be a good listener, he does exemplify the true value of a researcher broadening the perspectives of his audience. He moved to Canada in 2018 and definitely prefers the shorter summer months over the long winter months. 

Though he completed his academic education with a Masters in Technology before Facebook was started, he thought that he could escape the technology maze by transitioning to different careers such as customer support, technical support, and technical writing. Unfortunately, the technology maze caught up to him in his current job. 

With the new global pandemic being the new normal temporarily, he has rediscovered his hobby of reading books.

He volunteers time to Unstoppable and also organizes a design book club event in Toronto in addition to meeting new strangers in person and online related to his profession.

Buy me a coffee and I will broaden your perspectives with thoughtful questions and possible solutions (if requested)!

Core skills:
Research skills, communication skills, networking, facilitation, and building relationships


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