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We are a group of awesome volunteers with a wide range of experiences, open to share and help newcomers find their dream job faster.

What is UnstoppableMe.rocks?

UnstoppableMe is a volunteer-based organization founded in April 2015. We help immigrant professionals build a career in Canada through networking, mentorship, and support.

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What our logo represents

Our logo is a representation of what inspires us, what we do and who we are.

  • The U of Unstoppable is in the shape of a smile because we are a welcoming community that is passionate about social responsibility and positive impact.
  • The M of Me surrounding the U symbolizes the support we provide through our mentorship and network as a learning centre.
  • The dots are similar to two people together at the same level because we promote inclusion, equality, empowerment and accountability in everything we do.

All of these will Empower your Transformation!

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