Many people ask us about LinkedIn summaries – how to write one, what to include, how to make it appealing… There’s no magic formula for success but we thought of providing some tips or hints that you can use to make your summary stand out.


First and foremost, it should be easy to read. This means: plain language, short sentences, and to the point. You can include sections with titles in capital letters as well as paragraphs separated by white spaces.


The first paragraph should have some attention-grabbing statement that encourages the reader to keep reading. You can say who you are and what you do, what your expertise is, and how you help others through your knowledge or work.

Other ways to enhance its impact:

  • Show your value: focus on showcasing your achievements rather than simple tasks you did in your jobs

  • Tell a story: writing a short story about your experiences that shaped who you are will help you connect with your readers

  • Use humour: as long as it’s appropriate in a business context and aligns with your style and work history, you can include some bits of humour to make it more impactful


Research the keywords and phrases that are relevant to the kinds of opportunities that you want to attract, either jobs or clients, and include them in the summary. You can include core competencies that are relevant to your target position or industry, or areas of specialization.

In the Media section, you can share a video or photo that supports your experience and value.


Many people copy and paste their entire resume summary, but this seems a waste because you have a lot more to show than your resume. Some people use the third person in the summary ( John is an accomplished finance manager…. ). This is acceptable but can be perceived as cold and distant.

This is an opportunity to sell yourself! So we think that the best way is to write the summary in the first person, as if you were talking to your audience.


At the end of the summary, you can include your email address and phone number, inviting your readers to contact you. This is especially useful when you’re looking for a job or trying to sell your products & services.

A BONUS TIP!!! Try these characters to make your LinkedIn Profile pop! ✆ ☎ ✉ ☛ ♛ ★ ✔ ◊ ♦ ► ◄ ↔ ☆ ★ ♫

Finally, we believe that your summary is like a living document. It should be checked and updated often, and adapted to your needs. And of course, don’t forget to upload a professional photo and a background banner.

Here’s an example of an effective LinkedIn Summary:

As a People and Culture Consultant and Change Management Expert, I have a passion for helping people adapt to unexpected situations or organizational change. Change is the norm nowadays, folks!

My leadership background in Fortune 500 corporations includes coaching and guiding 10 teams (45 people total). While working full time, I acquired certifications as a Six Sigma Black Belt, as well as Project and Program Management, and PROSCI ADKAR Master Trainer.

What sets me apart from the crowd is the experience of overcoming two layoffs, single motherhood, a toxic workplace, and changing roles every six months. At one point I thought I couldn’t survive so many hurdles, but with the help of a mentor as well as the support of my loved ones, I realized I was meant to thrive. My special ability is to connect with people going through change because I’ve experienced a similar journey.

I love delivering keynotes, facilitating change workshops, and consulting on organizational development projects.

Key competencies include:

  • Change Management Coaching
  • Six Sigma Training
  • Group Coaching & Training
  • Public Speaking
  • Organizational Development
  • Project Management

I can be reached at 647-000-000 and for speaking opportunities, training delivery or consulting.

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