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Who can be a Volunteer?

You are welcome to join our community if you’re interested in helping others, sharing your experiences and professional skills. You can participate in person in Toronto or from another country if you are in the process of emigrating to Canada.

Just bring new ideas, meet other volunteers and work with us so that our organization can achieve its Vision. Please keep in mind that Volunteering requires a certain time commitment depending on the activity you choose, and a suitable position might not be available right away.

What’s in it for me if I’m a Volunteer?

  • Acquire Canadian experience to include on your resume
  • Use your wonderful skills to serve others
  • Start or continue building your network in Canada
  • Learn new skills and processes
  • Learn about Canadian culture
  • Attend our workshops & events for free
  • A LinkedIn recommendation from our leaders
  • References for your job search
Volunteering Rocks!

How to Apply?

 Available Volunteer Opportunities:

We are consistently recruiting Mentors for our Group Mentoring Program.

Mentors are professionals currently working in their field and willing to coach and support a small group of mentees (2-5 people) for the duration of a cycle which is 2-3 months. Most mentors have 3 or more years of work experience in Canada, although this is not a must.

The time commitment of a Mentor is 10 hours throughout the duration of the cycle. See the Group Mentoring Program page for details.

You will work and collaborate with our talented volunteer staff team across divisions and in different projects, and will be responsible for digital and print art projects such as logos, images, videos, website, digital campaigns etc., to ensure customers’ visual experience across different digital and non-digital points which will help us communicate UnstoppableMe’s ideas and vision.

The Graphic/Digital Designer should have the ability to work with current graphic design tools and basic skills of HTML, CCSS and WordPress. Knowledge of Social Media and SEO is an asset.

The time commitment for this role should be 3 to 5 hours per week.

You will work and collaborate with other talented volunteers and assist the PMP Study Group Leader in running successful study sessions.

You will be responsible for the overall coordination and communications of the study group. For example, you will book rooms for the weekly meetings, ensure that tools and equipment are available, communicate with participants through WhatsApp and email, administer files, etc.

The time commitment of this role is approx. 1 to 2 hours per week, for the duration of the PMP study session which is 10-13 weeks. Please also bear in mind that you have to attend all classes of the study group (2 hours per week)

You will work and collaborate with our talented volunteer staff team across divisions and will be responsible for interviewing successful immigrants on the phone or in person. You will also keep accurate notes and write their stories in an appealing manner to be published in our social media and website.

The Success Story Collector must have excellent verbal and written communication skills in English, demonstrate strong organizational skills, enjoy interacting with diverse people, and be proficient in Word and Excel. Knowledge of design applications is an asset.

The time commitment for this role is about 2 to 3 hours per week, per person interviewed.

You will collaborate with our talented Mentors and volunteer team to help newcomers “canadianize” their resumes and cover letters. This is an excellent opportunity for someone looking to get the Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) designation, or in the process to become a Job Developer or Career Counsellor.

Responsibilities include reviewing the client’s current documents, conducting a 30-minute phone call with the client, creating a new resume and/or cover letter, and responding to additional questions.

The Resume Writer should have professional writing experience, high attention to details, exceptional client service skills, and strong proficiency using Word and PDF editing software. Knowledge and experience in Talent Acquisition in Canada is an asset.

The time commitment for this role is 2 to 3 hours per client.

You decide how you want to help us


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Volunteering changes the World

People helping people!


“When I started volunteering as a Mentor, Learning Manager and Leader, I honestly didn’t expect all the rewards that came along. Not only did I feel proud of helping others but I also built many meaningful connections with people from a wide array of industries and backgrounds. Throughout this journey, additional doors opened for my personal and professional growth, including speaking engagements, requests to facilitate workshops, and opportunities to lead a community of hundreds of professionals.”


“This is what I learned:

If you feel depressed, go help someone and it will go away.
If you feel happy, go help someone and it will multiply.
If you feel failure, go help someone and you will discover many treasures.
If you feel successful, go help someone and you will find significance.
If you feel you don’t have anything to offer, go help someone and you will find in that one ‘Thank you’ how something so small can change one person’s life.”


“In addition to joining the UnstoppableMe events, I joined the leadership team as a volunteer and was planning and participating in the meetings. This helped me start working with people in Canada and learn from them. I was also introduced to other groups and people through the UnstoppableMe members, which in turn led to meet more people and expand my network. This helped me a lot in gaining a firm foothold in the job market because with a larger network and new references, I could land job interviews!”


I would like to thank UnstoppableMe for giving me the volunteer opportunity of Project Coordinator (PMP Study Group), which really helped me to enhance my communication, coordination and networking skills. This volunteering experience was one of the key factors in getting the first job in Canada in 3 months time.

ALI RAJA, Volunteer

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