Project Description helps you to identify areas of competence and improvement through a simple online assessment.

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Are you working in Canada in a survival job and want to work in your field?

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Why should I trust this survey?
This project was funded by the Government of Ontario and developed by diverse professionals who know the hurdles of being new to Canada. We have helped multiple people in their journey and want you to also be successful!
To build the survey, we have interviewed a number of people who found a job in their field within 6 months of arrival in Canada, and identified the key behaviours, attitudes, and actions they took before and after landing. The profile of a successful immigrant is comprised of many different facets; therefore we wanted to cover as many areas as possible. The tool is therefore very dynamic and will continue being improved as survey takers use it and give us feedback.

What questions does this survey ask?
It takes around 10-15 minutes to answer this survey which asks you about your job search strategies to get a job in Canada from your home country and/or after you arrived in Canada. Please also watch the video on this page to understand its background.

How does this survey help me in my job search?
After you complete the survey, you will receive a receive a link to a Dashboard to see your data in relation to other anonymized data collected. By clicking on the charts you will be able to understand what other people are/have been doing, and identify which areas you might need improving upon.

What happens next after I view the data on the dashboard?

This Dashboard will empower you to focus your job search efforts in the right direction. The insight is only as valuable as the actions you take on it.

After you determine the areas where you need improvement, you are strongly encouraged to research resources, seek a mentor, or reach out to organizations that might help you.

Will I be assigned a mentor?
If your results reveal that you need a mentor, you may sign up for our Mentoring Program or contact us so that we refer you to an organization according to your needs.

Is my data kept confidential?
Yes, your data is completely anonymous and aggregated with other anonymized survey responses. We do not store any personal data on our servers.

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Here’s a sample screenshot of the Dashboard.

Link to Dashboard

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