About Us

UnstoppableMe.rocks is a volunteer based organization founded in April 2015. We are a community of like minded people experiencing the same issues and learning through socializing.
We provide an environment of people that understands what you are going through.
We help with: Career Mentoring, Financial Literacy, PMP Exam preparation, volunteering and networking opportunities.
Our services are very valuable and you can pay for them with Pay it Forward currency or CAD.
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Our Vision

We believe in transforming your potential into fulfillment.

Our Objectives

If you are looking:

We would like to: Work with you on creating a 90-day game plan, Mentor you, prepare you for the interview and help you with volunteer and networking opportunities.
We would like to: Share with you important information that will help you towards achieving your goals
We would like to: Walk-through the material, answer your questions and prepare you for the exam.